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Terms & Conditions


These General Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between the Seller (Merchant) and the Client (User) of the specialised online store of GIGASCAN BULGARIA Ltd.

Viewing and using this website for placing orders means that you accept and agree to be bound with these General Terms & Conditions, and that you provide the Seller (Merchant) with your consent regarding collection and processing of personal data for the purpose of store operations and for sending messages related to the delivery of goods. The Seller (Merchant) warrants that the personal data you provide will be stored and processed in full compliance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the relevant Bulgarian legislation, and grants you the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Our Privacy Policy contains a complete description of the type of data we collect and process, describes the purposes for which we are using these data, and lists the third parties with which we may share them. The GDPR Compliance Tools panel allows you to request a copy of your personal information, to edit the data we keep on record for you, and to request its deletion from our database.

The legal entity which owns and manages the webstore and with which the Client makes a remote sales contract when ordering goods from the web site is GIGASCAN BULGARIA Ltd., TAX № 200365821, located at No. 83 Ralevitsa str.., 1618 Sofia, BULGARIA, managed by Miglena Raykovska and Kostadin Krantev (email), phone no. (359) 0898647098; (359) 0888891626.


1.1. SELLER/MERCHANT: The operator of the website at, also called the webstore.

1.2. CLIENT/USER: Any able person that uses the websites of the webstore in compliance with these General Terms & Conditions.

1.3. STORE/WEBSITE: The platform employed by the webstore for publishing information about the products offered by the Seller.

1.4. PRODUCT/ITEM: Any article described in the webstore and identified with specific parameters such as type, unit price, weight, etc.

1.5. PURCHASE ORDER: Any request made by a user for purchase of one or more items available for sale at the website.

1.6. SALES CONTRACT: The remote sales contract between the seller and the client.

1.7. COURIER: A third party which operates in accordance with the Bulgarian Postal Services Act and other relevant legislation, and is authorised by the seller to perform on his behalf the delivery of the goods to the client and to accept cash payments where such are necessary.



2.1. Browsing the website of the webstore at is free for all users.

2.2. Although the merchant makes best efforts to provide fully accurate and detailed information for the offered products, the sole responsibility for the choice of a particular product lies exclusively with the user. The merchant shall not warrant fitness for any purpose.

2.3. The merchant makes reasonable efforts to maintain the contents of the website current with respect to product descriptions, pricing and availability. Published product photos may differ slightly from the actual products (such as in cases where the package design is changed). Such differences are deemed inessential so long as the client is able to recognize without doubt the product upon delivery.



3.1. All prices published on the website of GIGASCAN BULGARIA Ltd. are final and additional 20% tax might be added depending on the region of delivery. The cost of delivery is flat and indicated on the websore. The user shall see all order details (number and type of products ordered, shipping costs) together on a single screen prior to submitting their purchase request.

3.2. The webstore accepts orders through the website or via email.

3.3. Each purchase request shall contain:

    3.3.1. A valid electronic mail address (email)

    3.3.2. Contact details - full name and a mobile number (the courier sends important information regarding the time of delivery via SMS or Viber)

    3.3.3. Accurate delivery address and billing address.

3.4. All shipping information needs to be complete and valid.

3.5. A purchase request is considered by the merchant only if the information in Article 3.3 is complete and valid. In case of incompleteness the merchant may request clarification from the user by phone or email. The merchant retains the right to cancel any purchase request in case the user does not provide the required clarification within 1 business day, or the provided clarification is again incomplete, or the user cannot be contacted.

3.6. Although the merchant strives to maintain accurate information about stock levels in the website, in extremely rare circumstances it may be possible a particular item to be unavailable at the time a user submits a purchase request. In such cases the merchant shall immediately notify the customer and offer one or more acceptable alternative solutions. The customer has the right, at their sole discretion, to accept or decline such alternative solutions. Depending on whether the customer accepts or declines an alternative solution, the merchant shall confirm the change in writing or confirm the cancellation of the order by sending an additional message at the same email address from which the purchase request has originated.

3.7. Barring any inaccuracies in the purchase request, the merchant shall prepare each purchase order for dispatch in accordance with its sequential number. As standard, orders are fulfilled as follows:

    3.7.1. Purchase orders that have been submitted before 1:30pm on a business day, are processed and handed over to the courier for delivery within the same business day.

    3.7.2. Purchase orders that have been submitted after 1:30pm on a business day or during a holiday, are processed and handed over to the courier for delivery on the next business day.

3.8. Orders that have been processed are usually filed in the information system of the courier around 6:00pm on the day they have been processed and handed over. When an order is processed by the merchant, the client shall receive an email confirmation with a tracking link where the status of the delivery can be monitored.



4.1. Deliveries are performed by UPS or DHL. Delivery time depends on the chosen delivery location (address or courier office), and whether the respective location is serviced by the courier daily or on a fixed schedule.

4.2. On the morning of the day of delivery the courier shall notify the recipient about the approximate time of delivery. For orders addressed to the courier's office the message will contain the address of the office, the working time and the tracking number of the shipment.

4.3. If the recipient is unable to accept delivery for objective reasons, the courier will accept a one-time rescheduling of the delivery. In such case the recipient is required to contact the courier at the number in the message and arrange a convenient time for delivery.

4.4. Upon a second failed attempt at delivery the courier is considered to have done their best effort to deliver. Goods are returned to the merchant and the order is cancelled. The merchant reserves the right to decline any and all future orders by the same client.

4.5. All packages are delivered with an active 'check before you accept' option which gives the buyer the opportunity to make sure that the package contents matches what has been ordered before signing for it.



5.1. Clients can pay for the ordered goods using one of the following methods:

    5.1.1. In advance, via PayPal.

    5.1.2. In advance, with a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card.

    5.1.3. In advance, via bank transfer.



6.1. The client may return purchased goods within 15 days from delivery without providing any reason, under the following conditions:

    7.1.1. The goods have not been used;

    7.1.2. The original manufacturer's packaging has not been opened and its commercial looks have not been damaged.

6.2. Shipping costs, including the costs for return shipping, are non-refundable.

6.3. The client may not withdraw from contract under any circumstances different than these listed in Articles 7.1.

6.4. In order to request a return, the client shall contact the merchant using the contact form and provide the following information: order number, name and contact phone no., then wait for a merchant representative to provide return instructions.

6.5. The client shall arrange the return of the goods within the period mentioned in Article 7.1. In case the goods are not returned within this period, the withdrawal from contract yields no action and is considered null and void.

6.6. The merchant shall restore the cost of the returned goods within 5 business days from receipt. Money is refunded using the same method used by the client for the initial payment.

6.7. The merchant reserves the right to decline any and all future orders by the same client.



7.1. The client has the right to file a complaint with the merchant when the delivery does not match the contracted products. The reasons for filing a complaint may include:

    7.1.1. Goods delivered are partially or fully different than goods ordered;

    7.1.2. Goods are partially missing, unless the merchant has specifically indicated, and the client has agreed, that parts of the order will be shipped separately;

    7.1.3. There are visible manufacturing defects;

    7.1.4. Goods have been damaged in transport.

7.2. The client shall register a complaint with the courier when inspecting the goods at delivery time. At their own discretion, the client may:

    7.2.1. Allow the merchant to remedy the error by repeat delivery and pay only after making sure all reasons for filing a complaint are remedied.

7.3. The client is obliged to make sure that the contents of the delivery match the contents of the order when inspecting the goods at delivery time. After the courier has handed over the goods to the client, the latter may no longer claim partially missing goods or transportation damage. Claims for different goods or for apparent manufacturing defects can be claimed with the merchant for a period of 15 days from receiving the goods.

7.4. Filing complaints after delivery is done using the Claims form and following the instructions provided by the merchant. The merchant shall process any claims within 5 business days from filing.








Privacy Policy


The purpose of this document is to inform you about the types of personal data collected and processed by the store platform. Your continued use of the website for the purpose of creating a user profile and/or placing order(s) is considered acceptance of our privacy policy.

GIGASCAN Bulgaria Ltd. webstore is owned and maintained by GIGASCAN Bulgaria Ltd., which is incorporated in accordance with Bulgarian law under Tax № 203365821 and is based at No. 83 Ralevitsa str., 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria. Upon creating a user profile and/or placing an order using the webstore platform, the user needs to provide the following information: full name, delivery address, phone no. and email address. Insofar as the delivery service we use allows collection of orders from their offices, a delivery address is not required for successful submission of order unless the user chooses delivery to their doorstep.

GIGASCAN Bulgaria Ltd. is making all reasonable efforts to protect the collected personal data against theft and unauthorized use. The information collected during creation of user profiles and ordering (names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) is used only for purposes known to the users such as profile management and delivery of goods, and is never shared with third parties with the exception of the courier service which fulfills deliveries on behalf of the webstore.

The information about each order, which includes the name and delivery details of the customer, as well as the list of ordered goods, is stored in the webstore database indefinitely. A subset of this information (customer name and list of ordered goods) is stored in a separate sales journal which is not accessible over the internet and is available only to authorized company personnel.

If you do not wish such information about your orders to be kept by us, you may contact us and request deletion from the website database and the sales journal. We will oblige with your request but in such case all remaining warranty on goods delivered by us will become null and void as we will no longer be able to check your data against our sales journal in case of a warranty issue.

In order for us to delete your data you need to write us from the same email address associated with your user profile or, in case you have placed orders as a guest visitor, from the same email address you have used to make at least one order in the past. We will delete your data within 1 business day from receiving a valid request.

Limited liability towards third parties: using certain payment methods (e.g. PayPal or requires that you enter confidential information such as username, password, address and credit/debit card number). Such information is stored and processed by the payment operator and is not available to GIGASCAN Bulgaria Ltd. You should consult the privacy policy of the payment operator for more details.


Notification as per EU directive 2009/136/EC (EU Cookie Law): In order to operate properly and improve customer service, the webstore platform uses the so-called 'cookies' — small text files that contain fragments of information about the site visitor. These can be divided into two groups: cookies generated by the webstore platform itself (1) and cookies generated by third-party services used by the webstore platform (2).

(1) Cookies generated by the webstore platform

These cookies serve to identify logged users and to store temporarily information such as cart contents until an order is finalized. They contain only information that the user has provided voluntarily for the purpose of ordering: name, delivery address, phone number, email address and list of goods and quantities. This information is stored locally on the user's computer and is not made available to GIGASCAN Bulgaria Ltd. until a purchase order is successfully submitted.

(2) Cookies generated by third-party services used by the webstore platform

The webstore platform uses several third-party services (TPS) that generate their own cookies that may contain user information. GIGASCAN Bulgaria Ltd. does not have access to the contents of these cookies and cannot use the collected information in any personally-identifiable manner. The rules according to which information is collected, stored and processed by each third party are listed in the privacy policy of the company that provides the respective TPS. At present, the webstore platform uses the following TPS:

Google Analytics — visitor tracking system that keep an anonymous website usage record (visitor counter, number of pages per visit, average visit duration, incoming link tracking, etc.;

• Google AdWords Tracking & Remarketing and Facebook Tracking Pixel — visitor tracking systems that allow anonymous monitoring of online advertisement efficiency and relevancy that are used to display ads only to visitors that are interested by the products offered by the webstore;



When visiting the website for the first time, you will receive a cookie usage notification as a colored bar on top of the screen. If you choose to hide this notification, it will not show up again for 30 days.
















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