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Automatic panoramic head - specialy developed for recording high-res reproductions. Stable and precise system for maximum focal lengths and for carrying additional lighting alongside.

RODEON piXposer

€7 864,00Price
  • This panoramic head is the international cutting-edge product for recording ultra-high-res reproductions.

    The fields of application of the professional pan-tilt-head range from Gigapixel Photography through Reproduction up to preprogrammed tracking shots. Multi-row panoramas and multi-row-HDR-panoramas, quick panoramas recorded with twister or quick-shot mode, scanning of a limited image area in ultra-high-definition or special techniques like time-lapse panoramas, Brenitzer Method and much more can be easily realized without additional extensions.

    The head is controlled via LAN or WLAN using web interface and is therefore compatible to any controlling unit with web capabilities (Smartphone, PC, MAC) and to any operating system (iOS, Android, MS-Windows, Windows Phone etc.). The camera gets automatically triggered by the panoramic head at given positions or even during the movement. An established internet connection is not necessary for operation.

    Regularely used settings like recording range, speed, HDR settings etc. can be saved as profiles on SD-card and recalled and reused quickly.

    In connection with the PC software RODEONpreview 2 PRO, besides the direct head control, the camera can be configured and triggered remotely. The recorded images are automatically loaded into the software and allow a panorama preview with instant monitoring on location. If needed, single images can be easily selected and recaptured. The direct data exchange with usual stitching programs like PTGui or Autopano allow fast and easy image processing and excellent results, even for images with just a few or without automatically found control points.

    RODEON piXposer is compatible to almost all DSLR- and medium format cameras. The exact positioning, even of large and heavy photo equipment, is without issue. By the U-shape of the frame, the camera can be easily mounted in landscape orientation. For larger lenses the lens foot can be mounted to the head. Therefore the mass center of the lense will be in balance. The time the device needs to settle after movement is reduced to a minimum and the rigidity, e.g at a strong breeze, is ensured through the stable frame made of aluminum profiles and an additional magnetic break at the horizontal gear. 

    The nodal point adjustment is quick, easy and reproducable via engraved scales in the frame. The double-sided bearing of the tilting bar guarantees more stabilization of heavy photo equipment.

    Additional light sources can be added to the setup with little efforts and will be carried alongside to the camera. Light-sensitive exhibits are protected by the minimum exposure. Through usable focusing optics the light efficiency is drastically improved and reduces unnecessary and dangerous heating. Lighting without shadows is guaranteed - even at bulging surfaces. 
    The Master-Slave-Extension-Kit allows to connect several heads to a network. All systems synchronously aim at the same point of the exhibit. The resulting angle between lighting, surface and camera makes it possible to record even highly reflective surfaces, e.g. golden inlays, polished stone plates or oil paintings. 
    To use RODEON piXposer with your camera you need an additional camera-trigger cable.

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