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Automatic 2-axis panoramic head with nodal point adjustment for quick and precise panorama recording.
Handy but also strong complete solution for professional use with all usual cameras.

RODEON piXplorer

€2 084,00Price
  • This 2-axis panoramic head is the international premium product for a professional all-round use with unique cost-effectiveness. 
    It integrates two strong and precise gears, an easy usable control and a long lasting battery in a nice and handy casing. Typical fields of operation of the quick and high-res panorama recording are photo expeditions, web presentations of real estate, travel accommodations or other rooms, but also documentations of art, culture, forensic and much more.

    The nodal point adjustment for both axis is done with the help of a patented construction in the camera arm. Once selected settings can be saved as profiles and be recalled. Images are uploaded via the storage card of the camera and the post-processing is done via the free software RODEONpreview LITE.  

    In comparison to our larger, modular panoramic heads, this device is lighter, smaller and easier to handle. One battery charging is enough for the whole day; so the charging can be done over night. 
    No further accessories for controlling the head are needed. Nevertheless you can realize all imaginable tasks with highest quality in short times. It doesn´t matter if it is a quick panorama recorded with the twister or quick-shot mode, a gigapixel panorama with HDR or special techniques like time-lapse panoramas or the Brenitzer Method. 

    The device with its integrated controlling is usable with almost every camera (max. axial height 52 mm, see our nodal point table) and is usable for every recording situation. You can use every stable photo tripod. 

    The scope of delivery contains everything: The panoramic head with quick change camera plate and an universal adjustable controlling (all-in-one – no special mode needed!), transportation case, a quick battery charger with plugs for Europe, UK and USA as well as the manual.
    (The camera displayed in the image is not part of the scope of delivery.)

    To trigger the camera the panoramic head has to be connected with the camera via a camera-trigger cable. The specific cable is not part of the scope of delivery and the correct one has to be ordered separately. 

    Not crucially necessary, but recommended is the adapter plate for a precise and rectangular adjustment of the camera. The adapter plate is usable with all usual camera types.  

    The piXplorer can also be used to colorize point clouds and work together with many different laser scanners, also the RODEONsmartscan. To bring the scan center to the same height like the recording center is, we offer height adjustments for the combination of panoramic head and laser scanner.

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