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Automatic, modular designed pan-tilt-head for recording multi-row panoramas for highest demands.

RODEON piXpert

€5 505,00Price
  • This panoramic head is the premium product for professional recording of panoramas with a field of view up to 360 ° x 180 °.
    The wide range of operation reaches from gigapixel panoramas to aerial panoramas up to virtual tours. 
    Multi-row panoramas and multi-row-HDR-panoramas, quick panoramas recorded with twister or quick-shot mode or special techniques like time-lapse panoramas, Brenitzer Method and much more can be easily realized without additional extensions.

    The head is controlled via LAN or WLAN using web interface and is therefore compatible to any controlling unit with internet access (smartphone, PC, MAC) and to any operating system (iOS, Android, MS-Windows, Windows Phone etc.). The camera is automatically triggered by the panoramic head at given positions or even during the movement. An established internet connection is not necessary.

    Used settings like recording range, speed, HDR settings etc. can be saved as profiles on SD-card and recalled and reused quickly. 
    In connection with our PC software RODEONpreview 2 PRO, besides the direct head control, the camera can be directly parametrized and triggered. The recorded images are imported into the software and allow a panorama preview with immediate and local success control. If needed, single images can be easily selected and re-shoot. The direct stitching interface to usual stitching programs like PTGui or Autopano allow fast and easy data processing and excellent results, even for images with just a few automatically found control points.

    RODEON piXpert is compatible to all DSLR- and medium format cameras. The exact positioning, even of large and heavy photo equipment, is no problem. The additional magnetic break at the horizontal gear of the system guarantees a static connection between tripod and device. Therefore, the time the device needs to swing off is reduced to a minimum and the rigidity, e.g at a strong breeze, is ensured.

    The panoramic head is made of robust and light-weight aluminum profiles with scales for an easy and fast adjustment of the nodal point. The modular construction allows an upgrade of the head at any time.

    The RODEON piXperts scope of delivery consists of the panoramic head with quick change camera plate, WLAN antenna, SD-card, quick release battery pack, world-wide usable battery charger with adapters for EU, UK, USA, software CD, manual and transportation case (IP67).

    To use RODEON piXpert with your camera you need an additional camera-specific trigger cable.

    To adjust the camera exactly rectangular we recommend the adapter plate, which is compatible to many camera types.

    For mounting the camera in landscape orientation, please use the 90 ° strut.